Our Process

Here are the steps to bring your video to life !

1. Contact

You contact us (smart decision!) and we discuss your general requirements.

2. Concept

We get all the details on what you need explained and want to achieve and get busy brainstorming.

3. Script

A great script is the foundation for a great video. We will write you an impactful script and present it to you for approval.

4. Visuals

Now we create the custom visuals for your video in a storyboard form, laying out each scene.

5. Voice Over

We’ll send you some samples from pro voice artists, in your preferred accent, and you get to pick your favorite.

6. Animation

Now your video will come to life! This is where it all comes together.

7. Music & Sound Effects

During the animation phase we also add music and sound effects. This makes your video even more engaging.

8. Delivery

Once you approve the animation, we deliver your final HD video to you. Now you get to show it off to the world!